Bloby and The Missing Link is a short game  experience about Bloby, a highly mutable being who has to collect DNA samples to reach his goal of finding the missing link in his evolutionary tree. 


Collect DNA samples to chain abilities together (or any permutation) at any time.


  • Left, Right / A, D: Move

When Available:

  • Spacebar: Jump/ Fly
  • 1 Key: activates "bipede" DNA (enables jump)
  • 2 Key: activates modifier for "bipede" DNA
  • 3 Key: activates Fly
  • 4Key: activates modifier for "wings" DNA


Tile asset:

Audio FXs made with:

BGM by:


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Hey! Great game but I encountered a bug at the very end where I clipped through the wall behind the flag, and fell forever.